Embracing Cosmetic Surgery: Boost Your Body Image and Self-Esteem

  • February 15, 2018
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It’s 2018, and plastic surgery and beauty treatments are now more popular than ever. While the prejudice against it is definitely lessening, it’s still quite a controversial subject that leaves little place for neutrality – you’re either for or against it. So, what do the facts say? Are the opponents of plastic surgery really right when they say that procedures are only likely to further degrade a person’s already low self-esteem? Actually, it turns out that it’s quite the opposite. If you want to know more about how plastic surgery and our body image are related, read on.

What is really natural?

One of the most frequent critiques against plastic surgery is that it’s not very natural and that changing our body will somehow make us stranger, more plastic and silicone than human. However, where do we draw the line then? Is makeup okay? What about dieting? What about dental braces? What about shaving and waxing? What about well-tailored clothes that hide our flaws and enhance our good features?

The point is, once you go down that road, you will inevitably start cherry-picking and policing what’s “good” and what’s “bad.” If you don’t do much to maintain your appearance, you’re a lazy slob. If you do a lot to look pretty, then you’re shallow. So where is this golden middle that we must conform to? In truth, it doesn’t really exist. Make your own decisions and respect the decisions of another person even though they might be different than yours – that’s all there is to it.

Plastic surgery and social status

Humans have had the need to ornament themselves since the dawn of time. We’ve always held beauty in high regard, and attractiveness was always a much-desired quality, not just when picking our romantic partners, but when choosing our social circle, and even our employees. It would be silly to say that we only have plastic surgery to please ourselves. While that is certainly a part of it, we also do it simply because we want others to like us more, because we want to have better chances in life – and what’s wrong with that? Research clearly shows that attractiveness influences our social standing, and people who undergo plastic surgery to fix a flaw or enhance a feature might have a better chance at making more friends and doing better in their careers.

Being satisfied with your body

Crooked nose, big ears, small breasts – we all have our flaws, and sometimes they’re a source of great anxiety. If you’re too afraid to turn your face a certain way because then people might see a feature that you hate, then you’re a lot more likely to avoid getting social and enjoying yourself when in the presence of others. For some women, increasing their cup size with a simple breast augmentation will do wonders for their confidence and happiness.

This little change can have really great benefits for our mental well-being. Science is behind it, and research does show a positive impact on anxiety, social phobias, depression, and body dysmorphia.

More than aesthetics

For some people, plastic surgery is more than just a way to look prettier. From various physical deformities, to victims of car crashes or disease, plastic surgery can be a way to regain a normal life. Rather than being permanently scared, people can erase the markings of misfortune and avoid being plagued by crippling insecurity.

Positive and negative feedback

If you’re considering plastic surgery, be aware that different people will react in a different manner. Saying something like “I think you’re already really beautiful and that you don’t need plastic surgery, but it’s your choice” is perfectly fine. However, saying “You shouldn’t get plastic surgery because it’s only for shallow and vain people” is not fine in any way. Take any sort of feedback with a grain of salt, and don’t let others bully you for whichever decision you end up making in the end.

Okay people, to summarize: your body, your choice! Is that nose job going to make you smile at yourself in the mirror more often? Then go for it! Is the idea of plastic surgery just too scary and unappealing? Then skip it and rock your look, love yourself just the way you are. Ignore the haters and enjoy your beauty – everyone has the right to that.